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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Root your Galaxy Nexus without unlocking bootloader

Since I bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus a few weeks ago I was looking for the possibility to root it without unlocking the bootloader or wiping anything.
I don't want to use a custom ROM nor a custom recovery. I just want to get rid of the ads.
Finally someone has found a working solution and posted the instructions in the XDA forum.
I have tried it and now my Nexus is rooted :-)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

m2e and generating classes using jaxws-maven-plugin solved

Since m2e 1.0 (Maven integration for Eclipse) developers are complaining about issues with the jaxws-maven-plugin.

See here and here.

The m2e wiki offers documentation describing the issue and proposing solutions. For me, none of those suggestions worked.
The classes were not generated and I had to generate the classes using Maven from the command line and refresh the Eclipse workspace. Since upgrading m2e in my Eclipse 3.7 even that doesn't work anymore.

Googling around I found this project hosted on github solving all problems. After downloading and extracting the projects zip file to my computer I installed the connector plugin in Eclipse using the local directory on my computer as update site.
After restarting Eclipse, updating the Maven project configuration and doing a clean rebuild of the project all sources from the WSDL were generated and the project compiled without errors.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Import von Excel Trainingsaufzeichnungen nach

Falls jemand gerätselt haben sollte, wie er seine in Excel (oder OpenOffice) dokumentierten Trainingseinheiten halbwegs automatisiert nach importiert bekommt, sollte sich mal diesen Eintrag in der FAQ von durchlesen und das dort hinterlegte Excel Dokument ausprobieren.
Mit OpenOffice oder LibreOffice funktionieren die Makros nicht. Ich hab es dann mit einer bei mir noch vorhandenen Office 2007 Installation geschafft meine alten Daten zu importieren.
Mit ein wenig Handarbeit waren dann in ungefähr 90 Minuten über 400 Einheiten importiert.
Und ich wollte mir schon ein eigenes Import Tool schreiben ...

Copy your Firefox passwords to another Firefox on a different machine

Just in case you are in process of setting up a new machine and installing Firefox you might want to save a little bit of time.
There is a stackoverflow question concerning where Firefox saves its passwords. This information becomes very valuable in case you don't want to enter (and maybe can't remember) each and every password of websites which require authentification.
In my case it works copying the files:
  • key3.db
  • signons.sqlite
from a Firefox 13 installation under Windows XP to a new Firefox 14 installation under Windows 7 (64 Bit).
I don't say it will work always but this situation is working well.
The above mentioned files are located in your Firefox profile folder.