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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tacx and the right contact pressure between tire and roller

Well, the summer season of cycling is over and I wanted to start practicing on my Tacx roller trainer again during the winter.

So I mounted my bike back on the trainer and started the virtual cycling. But comparing to my results of the last winter season something was totally wrong. My times were incredible slow and I had the feeling that I spent way too much power to drive as fast as the rides from last winter.

So I started digging the internet for the solution of my problem and found something interesting in a german cycling message board

The pressure between the tire and the roller was incorrect! Here is what you have to do to determine the correct pressure:

  1. Start Catalyst
  2. Slope=0
  3. Accelerate to 40 km/h ~ 25 mp/h
  4. Let it roll out
  5. After approx. 10 seconds the velocity should be 0 km/h. In that case the contact pressure is correct
  6. If the tire is still rolling after 10 seconds the contact pressure is too low
  7. If the tire stops earlier the contact pressure is too high

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