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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cyclassics 2006 in Hamburg

Today I made one of my greatest performances in cycling ever.
I won the 100 km VIP Race of the Hamburg Cyclassics. Unfortunately I didn't get a ticket for the "normal" 100 km race so I had to start in the VIP race.
My finishing time was 2h 25m 34s 62ms, that is a average speed of approx. 41,20 km/h.
Puh, I really felt exhausted after the finish.
Here is an excerpt of the result.
Platz   Name                        Zeit        Ø km/h
1       Quebbemann, Ralf (GER)      2:25:34,62  40.76
2       Speicher, Matthias (GER)    2:26:33,38  40.91
3       Toetzke, Christian (GER)    2:26:46,34  40.85
4       Neutzner, Christoph (GER)   2:26:52,78  40.84
5       Golly, Michael (GER)        2:28:04,45  40.52
6       Elsing, Ulrich (GER)        2:29:11,99  40.21
7       Sommer, Ken (GER)           2:29:21,87  40.17
8       Dr. Lennartz, Peter (GER)   2:36:23,68  38.36
9       Feyen, Jürgen (GER)         2:37:10,50  38.17
10      Bell, Markus (GER)          2:37:18,52  38,14

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Using build numbers in Maven 2

Today I discovered a fine Maven 2 plugin which helps you getting a unique build number for each time you build your project.
It is called the Maven Build Number Plugin.
Sometimes one wants to place a unique build number into a manifest file of a jar archive, then you definitely should go an try out this plugin.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tires Michelin Pro2 Race

I installed a complete set of those tires on my racing bike yesterday and I am completely overwhelmed of the quality and the boost of speed with these tires. I raised my average speed about 0,6 km/h on a 40 km distance trip!
Go and check them out. Average price is about 50 - 60€ for a complete set.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Walter Trout released new album

One of my favorite blues guitarists released a new album entitled "Full circle", featuring recording sessions with many different artists, e.g. Joe Bonamassa, Jeff Healey, Bernard Allison, Coco Montoya.
Check out Walter's website for more infos.
Moreover Walter is coming to Germany in November and December. Check out his tour dates page to get the newest infos. Maybe he is coming near to your area.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Show Review: Stevie Ray Vaughan - Rome Inn, Austin, TX, USA (1980-??-??)

This is one of my all time favorite early Stevie Ray Vaughan. So much power and emotion especially in the first 2 songs!